SQ Flash Memory Card

Flash memory cards have become extremely popular. Simply because they can both store large quantities of data and are an ideal way of copying data from one computer to another. Now with the patented SQ breakthrough technology flash cards are faster and more reliable than ever. Insert in any direction and because the contact pads are located on all sides of the card, the card speed is increase twice the speed of other flash memory cards. The SQ card has golden prints on each side of the card, so the life expectancy is 4 times longer than other memory cards. SQ cards takes the flash card experience one step further and with the ShareCard you can copy all files or folders while on the go.

Flash card Copying now has mobility. The Xmultiple patent pending ShareCard is a combination of a flash drive and SQ flash card reader with this remote copying capability as well. The SQ flash card and the ShareCard revolutionizes the current flash card readers and flash drives on the market. With ShareCard users are now given the ability to operate dual directional copy technology. Our ShareCard is a chip-based firmware and hardware technology. ShareCard is capable with transferring of music files, MP3 files, data files, video files and folders to any other ShareCard or with a standard USB thumbdrive/pen drive.

Press Release -SQ Flash Memory Card - January 2007

Data Sheet - SQ and SQ ShareCard

SQ Performance Comparison Table

SQ Comparision Chart and Specification



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