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Xmultiple Announces Flashpoint -- Flash Memory Thumbdrive Dual Copy Technology Is A Remarkable Advanced Step Forward

Los Angeles, Calif., - January 14, 2005 - Xmultiple, Inc. introduced FlashPoint flash drive technology. USB flash drives are a new wave in portable data storage. FlashPoint takes this technology one step further…….data on FlashPoint pen Drives can be copied from one pen drive to another. And this is not the only thing different about FlashPoint pen drives.
FlashPoint drives have an integrated female USB connector so you can now plug a cable or another device into the same USB port in which the FlashPoint drive is attached. FlashPoint is an extension hub so you can attach more than one device to a single USB port. With all of this added technology to the FlashPoint drives….the physical size of FlashPoint remains the same as most existing pen drives. FlashPoint drives are a small, simple, elegant, lightweight, mobile data transfer device.
With the FlashPoint drive technology a user does not need a computer, laptop or palm computer to copy files on the go. FlashPoint solves the problem of copy files from your machine to a friends machine when you all you have is your pen drives. FlashPoint is a simple solution. Perfect for the mobile world we live in.
Current USB Flash Memory Drives can support up to 2GB of space. This makes the importance of FlashPoint data copy capability even more important. Transporting, copying and accessing data with Flashpoint is as simple as carrying a pen. And because FlashPoint is a plug and play device you just place it in a USB slot and it will register with the computer as a removable drive almost instantaneously. With FlashPoint the pen drive will also have a subdirectory called "Share" which is the file that all files will copy from when you attach to FlashPoint drives together and copy files. In addition, because it is a hub, you can simply plug another device into the female connector and it recognizes more than one device.
Unlike existing pen drives, FlashPoint drives do have a battery integrated inside…….this provides the power to transfer data from one FlashPoint drive to another ….but it is an extremely small battery which takes virtually no room in the pen drive.
With FlachPoint copying files with a friend or a business acquaintance is ultimately hassle-free.

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