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Now, a thumbdrive and MP3 Player capable of operating while you are on the go. Copy data thumbdrive to thumbdrive while at lunch, in a car or on an airplane. At expositions receive information effortlessly. Copy music MP3 Player to MP3 Player while skiing on the slopes. Think of all the times mobile copying would be important for you. A few features and benefits are listed below


Sharing-On-The-Go Technology

The MP3 Player/Thumbdrive with a Brain - Files on a thumbdrive you insert into the ShareDrive can also be copied easily. Simply press the Load button on the ShareDrive and the files on the thumbdrive which are in a directory name LOAD are copied. Files on a MP3 Player are copied this easy as well on the MP3 SharePlayer. This is a music lovers dream device.

OEMs/Designers - Xmultiple works with all OEMs.....we will help your engineering staff implement our patent pending technology.

SharePlayer, ShareDrive, ShareCard, ShareBridge On-Line Store
Xmultiple On-Line Store Provides a quick way to purchase.. Connect >>
Education- Xmultiple's ShareDrives/ MP3 SharePlayer Educational Program offers discount pricing for students, teachers and educational institutions.
Government - Xmultiple's ShareDrives/MP3 SharePlayer can accommodate your special institutional payment methods.
Corporate Sales - Xmultiple's ShareDrives/MP3 SharePlayer provides Corporate volume sales.
Resellers/ Distributors - Become a ShareDrives/MP3 SharePlayer Reseller or Distributor - Call today.
Affiliates - Join the ShareDrive/MP3 SharePlayer Affiliates Program, where clicks translate to cash!


Computerless Copying
MP3 Player
Digital Recorder with built in Microphone
FM Turner with radio recording capability

Connect/Copy From Digital Camera
Connect/Copy From Cellphone
Exchange MP3 Music
Share Business Files
Exchange Business Cards
Backup Recordings
Embedded Sharing-On-The-Go Chip
Rechargeable & Removable Battery

Download and Upload Files When Remote and Out Of Your Home Or Office

Files on the ShareDrive which a user intends to "Share" with other users in the future are placed in the directory name SHARE. Press the Share button....and it is that easy. With the FlashPoint LCD ShareDrive and the MP3 SharePlayer choose the file from the display screen. Press the Share button and your music or data is copied with a snap. MORE>>

The ShareDrive, LCD ShareDrive and MP3 SharePlayer provide the following features/benefits. See ShareDrives Products.
Specification information.

Sphere Speakers
ShareDrives and SharePlayer complete accessory line of products. Sphere Speaker provides a light show with your music.
SQ Flash Memory Card and USB Adapter

Patented SQ Card has contacts on all four sides of the card. The advantage is read/write times are double the speed of other cards.MORE>>
WorkForce's Are Mobilizing
ShareDrives and SharePlayer make it simple to not only be on the go, but to copy and share files on the go. Copy text, graphics, photographs, music, multimedia files -- anything you can save on a flash memory drive can now be copied away from computers or electrical outlet. White Paper - "The Big ShareDrive Impact on Mobility"

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