Technical Support

Our technical support includes on-line product setup and operations.  A full glossary of terms and product information is located in our product manuals.  

On-Line Support - Manuals  

SharePlayers Manuals

Quick Start Manual (English) - SharePlayer- Click

Full Version Manual (English) - SharePlayer- Call for CD

Quick Start Manual (Chinese) - SharePlayer- Click

Full Version Manual (Chinese) - SharePlayer- Call for CD

Playlist SharePlayer Manual

Playlist Manual - SharePlayer- Click

ShareDrives Manuals

Quick Start Manual - ShareDrives- Click

Full Version Manual - ShareDrives- Click

Share/Load Procedures Presentation

LCD ShareDrives Manuals

Quick Start Manual - LCD ShareDrives - Click

Full Version Manual - LCD ShareDrives- Click

On-Line Support - SharePlayer System Recovery

SharePlayere System Recovery Document- Click

Application Notes & White Paper 

Application Note 320 - ShareDrives is a USB Bridge/Thumbdrive/Sharing Device and more (Comparison Chart) -Click

Application Note 324 - ShareDrives/Differentiates -Click

Application Note 325 - Compatibility USB HD, PDA, SmartPhone -Click

Application Note 350 - ShareDrive Battery

Application Note 401 - ShareDrive Price Comparison to Thumbdrives

Application Note 405 - A Necessity - Carry This Product At All Times

Application Note 430 - You can be more productive

Application Note 460 - Flash Memory Chip Technology

Application Note 550 - Compatability of FlashPoint ShareDrives

Application Note 554 - Flash Memory LifeSpan

White Paper - "The Big ShareDrive Impact on Mobility"

Sales Support   

With distributors and reseller sales/technical support offices around the world, it's easy to find a local point of contact to assist with questions on SharePlayer, ShareCard, ShareBridge, ShareDrive products and accessories.


Select product documentation is available for download below. Additional information is available upon request. Downloads.


ShareDrives are Plug & Play with all newer versions of Microsoft Windows (no drives are required). For older verisons of Windows such as Windows 98 you will require a driver. Download Windows 98 Driver.

Datasheets and Brochures

ShareDrive Verses Thumbdrive/USB Bridge White Paper
ShareDrive Product Brochure
ShareDrive Specifications Brochure (1.5M, pdf)
ShareDrive Verses Thumbdrive/Pen Drives

Crypt ShareDrives Datasheet
White Paper - "The Big ShareDrive Impact on Mobility"
OEM Advantage Partner Program


ShareDrive Presentation
ShareDrive Market Presentation
ShareDrive Government Presentation
ShareDrive Education Presentation


ShareDrives Warranty and Disclaimer Statement. Warranty Policy

Warranty Disclaimer and Registration Form

Need SharePlayer, ShareBridge, ShareCard & ShareDrive Operation Support?

If you do not find what you want in our us at 1-800-753-9526. In Asia call 886-2-2658-2298.

FAQs (Product And General)

Our sales engineers provide updated product Frequently Asked Questions online.  Your technical specialist can get answers to many ShareDrive product questions you have regarding our products.   Our technical specialists constantly update the Product Frequently Asked Questions section.  Click for Frequent Asked Questions.

FAQs Related to Orders

How do I cancel or change my order?
How do I return an item?

ShareDrives are not compatible with multi- port USB hubs

ShareDrives power requirements is not compatible with use with multiple port USB hubs

Flash Memory Technology and Future

Technology Information


Glossary of Flash Memory Drive and Computer Terms


Shipping Information and Shipping URL links


Our feedback section of this website is provided for your input  We want to hear from you.


Whether you're planning a conference, marketing campaign, or a corporate gift that will be sincerely appreciated (and used many times daily) -- the USB ShareDrive is your perfect solution. Promotional USB ShareDrives can be designed with your logo and contact details printed in any color, plus you can have information and company brochures preloaded onto individual drives to be used by your target audience. The USB drive is a powerful tool that will be used daily by your staff and clients in both their professional and personal lives. Complete with your company logo, a USB Gift is a great idea for your next promotion or specialized application.

ShareDrives Custom Product Design

Xmultiple designs custom ShareDrive products for our customers and potential customers who want us to OEM our ShareDrives for them. If you company wants to OEM us. Your company can provide us the technical requirement for your product needs. We will take rough drawings which you can submit to us. Custom designs are reviewed by our staff and we will let you know within 24 hours if we can provide a quotation for your product.

Our technical staff will consult with you, during this review process. If we provide a quotation the next step would be for us to provide a detailed drawing which your company will approve before we start production. After you have approved the drawings your company can place your order.

ShareDrives are not only a unique and useful product, but with your logo they are a corporate identity investment that will pay off for years to come. The ShareDrives have the look and feel of new wave high technology product. You will be proud to have your logo on it.

1. Show appreciation to your most highly valued clients and keep your name in front of them.

2. Hand out conference agendas and presentations.

3. Recognize employees with this handy, impressive gift.

4. Provide a press kit to important media personnel

5. Preload your companies ad or flash presentation and have it "autorun" when the client first uses their USB Flash Drive with your company's logo. In addition, unlike the promotional tools your company has used in the past, the USB Flash Drive can be used over and over again.

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