USB flash drives and flash memory cards have become extremely popular. Simply because they can both store large quantities of data and are an ideal way of copying data from one computer to another. The ShareCard takes the Flash Card/Flash Drive experience one step further – Now you can copy all files or folders while on the go. Flash card Copying now has mobility. With the ShareCard users do not have to wait until they get back to their computers to transfer music, files and folders. Simply insert a flash card and press the copy button. The ShareCard copys and transfer from the flash card you insert to the internal flash memory in the ShareCard.



USB flash drives are a new wave in portable data storage. ShareDrives takes this technology one step further…….data on FlashPoint pen Drives can be copied from one pen drive to another. And this is not the only thing different about ShareDrive pen drives.

With the ShareDrives technology a user does not need a computer, laptop or palm computer to copy files on the go. ShareDrives solves the problem of copy files from your machine to a friends machine when you all you have is your pen drives. Upload and download files and folders from a thumbdrive to a ShareDrive. ShareDrives is a simple solution. Current USB Flash Memory Drives can support up to 8-GB of flash memory. And this capacity will grow within the next few months. This makes the importance of FlashPoint data copy capability even more important. Transporting, copying and accessing data with ShareDrive is as simple as carrying a pen. And because ShareDrive is a plug and play device you just place it in a USB slot and it will register with the computer as a removable drive almost instantaneously. With ShareDrive the pen drive will also have a subdirectory called "Share" which is the file that all files will copy from when you attach to ShareDirve drives together and copy files. In addition, because it is a hub, you can simply plug another device into the female connector and it recognizes more than one device.

Unlike existing pen drives, ShareDrives do have a battery integrated inside…….this provides the power to transfer data from one ShareDrive to another ….but it is an extremely small battery which occupies virtually no room in the pen drive.


Today, every person that uses an MP3 Player knows how to download new MP3 files to enjoy the latest songs. A PC is required to download the songs form a web site through the Internet.

With the MP3 SharePlayer by Xmultiple, the user connects their device directly to another users MP3 Player without the need for a PC. The MP3 SharePlayer has components no other MP3 possesses. Integrated in our device is a chip that contains our Sharing-On-The-Go (SOTG) firmware to provide the MP3 to MP3 upload and download capability. Also integrated into our device is a female USB connector which connects to the male USB connector of another MP3 Player. In most cases, the MP3 Players manufactured without a built-in male Type A USB connector, integrate a mini female Type B or proprietary connector and provide a cable which may be used to connect to a SharePlayer. Connecting and transmitting files and folders form one MP3 Player to a MP3 SharePlayer is as simple as attaching the devices USB connectors and pressing a button. Now, as never before, a user can upload and download songs straight form the MP3 Player to another MP3 Player without a computer or electrical outlet.

Attach ShareDrives/SharePlayers to digital camera's and cellphones which are USB enabled. ShareDrives work With All types of USB Devices

Attach ShareDrives/SharePlayers to cellphones which have USB integrated such as the Motorola E680 cellphone. Click here for more information.

ShareDrives/SharePlayers are designed to work on both Windows and Mac platforms, and with all USB devices, including USB 2.0 (Hi-Speed).

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