OEM Advantage Partner Program

The OEM Advantage Partner Program is a means for our OEM partners to start marketing SharePlayer, ShareCard, ShareDrives without an upfront OEM cost to enter the program. This is a four tier program with four levels. The 4 tier program was developed to help you sell ShareDrive products in your own brand name. The program provides your company with discounts based on the annual level of purchases. Xmultiple will provide you with the necessary tools to start your SharePlayer, ShareCard, ShareDrive sales with a low cost. We will help you succeed to take your product to market quickly. The OEM Advantage Partners Program includes branding the products in your company's name, logo, reseller pricing, promotions, marketing materials, and telephone support. We want to partner with you in with the Sharing-On-The-Go technology products.

SharePlayer, ShareCard, ShareDrives Engineering Products Group will work closely with your company. Listed below are the OEM Xmultiple contacts and a chart with the OEM Partner Levels. OEM Advantage Partner Program Information.

Contact Information
Toll-free: 800-753-9526 OEM Advantage Partner Program Application

Mike Basowski
SharePlayer, ShareCard, ShareDrives Products Account Manager
805-579-1100 Phone
805-579-7800 Fax

Alan Pocrass
SharePlayer, ShareCard, ShareDrives Products
805-579-1100 Phone
805-579-7800 Fax
































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