Educational Program

SharePlayer/ShareDrives are discounted by 4% to students, teachers and educational institutions. The following individuals and groups are eligible to purchase and receive the educational discount. Accessories do not have discounts. To place an order with an educational discount you must call 1-800-753-9526 and ask for the SharePlayer/Sharedrive Educations Products Manager. You will be given the code to sign in on this page and place your order with the discount.

1. Employee of pubic or private K-12 institutions located in the US.

2. Employee of a public,private preschool or homeschool.

3. PTA or PTO Executives currently serving.

4. School Board Members currently serving.

5. College/University Students, teachers and administration personnel.

Shareplayer/Sharedrive is the first product to take flash drive technology to a point where the a users data and information can be easily transported and copied.

Why SharePlayers/ShareDrives in Education?

SharePlayer/ShareDrives benefit students, teachers, and educational administration personnel.

Benefits to Students

  • Take your entire semester’s work home in your pocket
  • Everything is always with you at school & on breaks
  • Share research with classmates and study groups
  • Share schedules, events, MP3’s, photos and more
  • Upload homework & projects to teachers
  • Download assignments and course data from teachers

Benefits to Teachers

  • Eliminate or reduce printed handouts
  • Provide lecture recordings and images to students
  • Share research with students and study groups
  • Share schedules, events and important information
  • Upload assignments and course data to students
  • Download homework & projects from students

Benefits to Education Administration

  • Reduce or eliminate printing for administration management
  • Transfer student information to teachers
  • Secure testing information
  • Share schedules, events and important information
  • Personnel and asset record distribution
  • Research sharing

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