SharePlayer/ShareDrive - Xmultiple Affiliate Program

Sell the Most Innovative New Product with the #1 Sharing-On-The-Go Technology

1. Reach Millions of Buyers Who Want To Purchase ShareDrives

SharePlayer/ShareDrives are the #1 new flash memory drive and MP3 Player products for 2005. There is no comparison because this is patent pending technology which is provide by only Xmultiple Technologies. Our products will generate a large numbers of customer leads every month

2. SharePlayer/ShareDrives Generates Sales Once People Are Aware Of the Product

Media research shows that SharePlayer/ShareDrives are a product that customers want once the realize the capability of the product and the Sharing-On-The-Go.

3 . SharePlayer/ShareDrives Customers Purchase Accessories and Many More Units For Friends and Family.

You will have satisfied customers who want to come back to purchase additional units or assessories.

Team Up With The SharePlayer/ShareDrive Affiliate Program

Thank you for your interest in our SharePlayer/ShareDrive's affiliate program. Our product lines of revolutionary flash memory drive devices with copy Sharing-On-The-Go (SOTG technology) provides the ability to copy information away from a computer. ShareDrives take thumbdrives, MP3 players and flash card readers to a new level of performance and capability. Users can exchange information while they are mobile. If you promote the ShareDrives properly you will do well in our program. We will pay you a very high profit margin for high volume sales.

We are looking to teamed up with affiliates who can promote a superior product in a superior way. We will provide tracking, reporting, and monthly commission checks for our affiliates. If you are already in an affiliate program your can call for our affiliate application form which is accessible from our website. Start with our affiliate program immediately after you sign up. Affiliate login is simple once your become a member or our program. We are looking forward to working with you and you can start earning commissions immediately.

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