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Xmultiple Technologies, Inc. is the parent company of SharePlayers and ShareDrives. Xmultiple's ShareDrive technology enhances flash drives (thumbdrives) with computerless transfering of data. Users now have the capability to copy photo's, MP3 files, all important data files when mobile and away from their computers. Xmulitple engineers have developed a software/hardware solution to providing the flash drive with copy capability allowing one flash drive to directly transfer data and informtion to another flash drive. We have named this capabiltiy Sharing-On-The-Go (SOTG) technology. Our engineers have engineered the FlashPoint FS3000 chip to provide a single chip solution to implement this technology in flash drives with a minimum increase in size over non-SOTG flash drives.

Xmultiple Technologies , Inc. was established in August of 1998 as a interconnect solutions company. Xmultiple engineers have built and tested prototype SOTG flash drive systems and in April 2005 our first production units have been shipped. Studies of ShareDrives over months before its formal release, demonstrate that Xmultiple's SOTG tehcnology increases flash dirve performance and capabilities. Xmultiple's technology flash drive advantage is protected by numerous United States and International PCT patents and applications.

Xmultiple is located in Los Angeles, California. We aggressively seek strategic partnerships to licenses and OEM our SOTG enabled products.

In addition to SharePlayers/Sharedrives, Xmultiple has many patents and patent pending technologies and some are listed below.

Xmultiple has become known widewide for our 4,978,317 patent for RJ connectors with visual indicators.   The RJ/LED connectors are manufactured in a variety of configurations of ports. Multi-port connectors include 1,2,3,4,6, and 8 ports. Stackable connectors are configured with 2,4,6,8, 12 and 16 ports. Multiple patents are pending for the ShareDrive technology.

XMULTIPLE'S XRJAX connector system has completely changes the way coaxial cable is attached and used. It makes connecting coaxial cable as easy to connect as telephones. Using XRJAX connectors gives designers more latitude in designing products that are benefited from the superior signal transport qualities of coax without worrying about ease of installation or connection.

Due to the number of potential applications, the XRJAX product family is very broad. Presently, over 20 different products have been designed, approved, or under development. The XRJAX connector family is sold as an OEM component or as a consumer product at the retail level. XMULTIPLE provides an open licensing for all companies to manufacture, sell and market XRJAX products.

UltraJaX Dual and Multi-Function RJ Connectors

The UltraJaX connector system completely changes the way RJ connectors are designed and implemented into networking, telephone and computer products. It doubles the number of RJ connections compared to standard RJ connectors. With UltraJaX use either existing RJ male plugs or the revolutionary new UltraJaX high density male plug that doubles the number of contacts. The UltraJaX male plug mates to the top and the bottom contacts on the internal walls of the UltraJaX female connectors. Using UltraJaX connectors gives designers more latitude in designing products which benefit from multiple functions and the high density contacts.

 For more information on the company please contact us directly.    The Xmultiple website provides information on a wide variety of interconnection products www.xmultiple.com.

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